11 October 2006

Mellow day

So I got up this morning, basking the the afterglow of last night's Tigers win, and headed off to school. The math test wasn't bad, which was nice.

I was going to swing by the range, but I decided it sounded too "loud," so I just came home. Now I'm on the couch, watching ESPN, with a German Shepherd on my lap. Well, just her head. Apparently I'm furniture today. Normally Casey isn't very cuddly, so it's nice. Perhaps we'll nap.

09 October 2006


They say there are three kinds of dogs, as defined by what "motivates" them. There are the Toy-Oriented Dogs (that is, Sparky). There are Praise-Oriented Dogs (I think I've met a few - they're the dog equivalent of the suckups you remember from high school). Then there are the Food-Oriented Dogs.

Casey is a FOD. When I first got her from the shelter, she was skinny and I set about trying to fatten her up. I can get her to around 68 pounds, and that's it. But man, can she EAT. I wish I had my dog's metabolism.

Her favorite thing in the world - fruit. More than steak, more than jerky, the dog loves FRUIT. Nectarines, watermelon, apples, you name it. If I peel the little sticker of a plum at 0330, she hears it and is RIGHT THERE in an instant.

Tonight I tried to eat a pear. You can see how that turned out. Her passion for fruit is stronger than her fear of the digital camera, it appears.