11 November 2006

Bad Dogs (North) checks in on the net

So I have arrived at Bad Dogs (North). The trip was largely uneventful. As you know, the official Bad Dog position on Florida is one of HATE, so I'm pleased to be in the upper Midwest where late November feels like...well, late November.

I'm up here to lend moral support to the Bad Dog Alpha Female (that is, Abby's Mom) during a challenging time, so all is not happy fuzzy joy, but it IS good to be home and good to be able to help out a little.

Of course, life goes on at Bad Dogs (Rear), where Mr. Abby has been cooking large roasts and feeding them to the Bad Dogs because, apparently, dog food is too complicated.

In the absence of my Bad Dogs, I am fussing over Sarge, the resident canine here. Why yes, he WAS named after me.

Can't you see the family resemblence?

09 November 2006

RON site

RON - that's a military acronym that it took me like eight years to understand. It's one that I don't remember existing in the Marine Corps - it's an Army thing. It means, "remain overnight." Yes - basically "camp," or "sleep." But the Army made it an acronym. WhatEVER...

Anyway, I'm holed up in the lovely Mammoth Caves area. No trouble finding a cheap room, since, according to the friendly Days Inn desk clerk, there's some sort of E. Coli issue going on at the caves right now.

Ick. I think I'll just double check the locks and call it a night. No nocturnal E. Coli spelunking for me...

08 November 2006

Jumpin' the CP

That's military speak for moving the Command Post during an action or exercise. Although the main body of Bad Dog Central is NOT moving, I (the Bad Dog CO), will be heading north to what we'll call Bad Dog Higher (that is, my parents' house) for a while.

The Bad Dogs will not be making this trip, and will remain in the capable hands of Mr. Abby here at Bad Dog (Rear).

We will attempt to continue posting during our trip.

07 November 2006

Decision '06 - Election Night

Well, I did my patriotic duty for the day this morning and trudged off to the local church to vote. I swear to God - if there's anyone in Florida who can't figure out these electonic voting machines, they are too stupid to live.

Mr. Abby reported what seemed like a very valid issue that HE observed while voting. Apparently a VERY elderly woman was having a hard time "tapping" the right name, as she had VERY shaky hands. A poll worker came to the rescue, provided her with blunt pencil for increased poking accuracy, and all was well.

I'm glued to the TV, watching the returns, because that's the sort of thing I think is fun, because I'm a sick puppy.

It looks as though the Dems are going to take the house, although I don't know they'll take the Senate. I have some very serious concerns about the Democratic Party and national security, but I'll go on about those at some other point. Honestly, the things I view positively about the Republican party are things they haven't managed to accomplish while holding both houses and the presidency, so I'm not too sad to see them lose a house.

If the democrats take the House, they're not going to be able to singlehandedly surrender DC to the first group of grubby foreigners to shoot filthy looks at our country, and I'm not too afraid Nancy Pelosi is going to come to my house and take my guns (unlike some of my more exciteable fellow 2nd Amendment enthusiasts). But, with some moderate Republicans in the Senate, perhaps they'll be able to resist the urge to repeal good environmental law, and stop yammering about this idiotic Protection of Marriage Amendment.

Going Visitin'

I abandoned the Bad Dog Command Post today and took a road trip to meet a member of the Bad Dog Extended Family, who we will refer to as "Auntie M."

Now, Auntie M is one of my Dog Person mentors. When I was a small child, she lived several states away, but would visit periodically. We had a blue heeler named Scruffy. Scruffy pre-dated me by several years, and never failed to remind me of MY place on the household seniority list. Scruffy tolerated my mom and worshipped my dad. But for Scruffy, all paled in comparison to my Aunt.

I remember asking my Mom, "Why does Scruffy sleep on the couch with Auntie M? She won't sleep on my bed!"

"Because dogs love Auntie M, and she loves dogs. She's like...the patron saint of dogs or something."

Well, THAT stuck in my little-kid head. My aunt - a DOG SAINT! Maybe somewhere, in some Dog Meeting Hall, they had little statues of her. Maybe they ALL talked among themselves when she was coming to visit. It boggled the little-kid mind.

Well, now I'm grown-up, and I still think that it's entirely possible that's the case. Auntie M brought Dog Cousin Icky to our lunch - he wasn't feeling well and she wanted to keep an eye on him. She brought gifts for my Bad Dogs.

Casey is wearing the "in" look in South Florida - the do-rag w/ skull-and-crossbones. Isn't she a hoodrat?

Sparky, on the other hand, scored BIG off Auntie M's find of a Marine-Corps themed swatch of fabric, which became a fuzzy cover for his VERY OWN COUCH PILLOW.

Maybe now I can keep MY couch pillow not smelling like Sparky.

So the dogs have gifts from their Patron Saint, and I had a good fabulous road trip.

06 November 2006

Life as a nocturnal being

I have GOT to get on a normal sleep schedule. I've always been a night person, but I don't have anything to read and I don't care much for TV, so there's not a whole lot to do at 0300.

I thought I was tired, but after 45 minutes of tossing around, I had to get back out of bed to avoid waking Mr. Abby up.

I'd like to go somewhere and do something, but there's not a lot going on at this hour that I really ought to be involved in. Oh well - I suppose a bowl of lime sherbet might knock me out. :)

05 November 2006

Product Endorsement!

This is something different, but we here at Bad Dog Central believe in economic Darwinism. We want good products to survive, and bad products to go away. So...without further ado...we bring the First Ever BDC Product Endorsement!


I picked these up at Target yesterday because we'd finally run out of Rawhide Turds (not the official name - just the substance and shape of our last treat). They are a hit. They're semi-crunchy/chewy, but they're not HARD like little bones - Sparky has no problem wolfing one down. They're small and not crumbly, so they'd make a perfect "pocket treat" or training reward.

They are a little spendy (I think this bag was like $8), but there are plenty in the bag. The bag is ALSO self-sealing. Casey says "buy some today, and then give them to me!"

See? So yummy they're worth braving the scary digital camera! We were GOING to give these Two Tails Wagging, but then I had the opportunity to get additional input from Trixie, our official Pit Bull Next Door (a guest star here at BDC). She's a sweetheart, and regularly scores treats off me.

Okay - so the official verdict is Three Tails Wagging!

Buy Schmackos! They ROCK!