11 September 2009

Coyotes and Elks and black bears

Oh, my!  Dad and I are off to the Great Northern Forests for the long weekend.  If I’m never heard from again, it can be assumed I joined the legions of lost annually devoured by porcupines.

10 September 2009

Totally wasted day

I tried to get up in a timely manner, but found myself hemmed in on both sides by fairly large dogs who, each time I thought about getting up, muttered nah...just a little longer...

I finally dragged myself out of the rack.  I loaded Jack up (after promising Sarge some one-on-one frisbee time later) and hit the road. Off to the lake, can you beat it?
Well, yes.  If you add a Kong-on-a-rope.
That, according to Jack, is about as much fun as one can have.  Add in a little rolling in the sand, and life is super.
Maaaaaan, that's a happy dog!

07 September 2009

Ran away from home

to wild and crazy Ohio.

Ohio might not be the most entertaining state in the union, but it does have the best place out there to ride roller coasters, so Mom and I hit the road.

We shall be zooming til we puke!

(Probably not, actually, as neither of us are prone to pukiness, but we will try)