19 November 2006

Equal Freakin' Time

Oh, Jesus.

Yes, shelter CATS are great, too. Of course they're mean and creepy and screwed up, but all cats are like that, so just go on down to your local shelter and give a homeless cat a family the next time you're in need of a cat.

Not that we know if anyone actually needs a cat, but Hobbes is giving me the evil eye and made me do this post.

Shelter cats - just as good as the high-dollar, name brand kind.

Rejected Loser Dogs

I haven't pointed this out before, but nearly every dog you'll see pictured here is a Rejected Loser. Each one of them is somehow screwed up and unworthy of being loved. Or so someone thought.

Casey came from an animal shelter in the California desert. According to the story, her People decided to take up the RV Lifestyle and didn't have room for a G. Shepherd. Fortunately, it was a no-kill shelter, and so she had the luxury of waiting a couple of months for me to show up and say, "Yep! I'll take her home!"

Sparky had to live in the bathroom at the house before ours. He was a DOG and thus bad for the carpet. It was our house or the shelter.

Sarge came to my parents through a Boxer Rescue organization. He wasn't a year old when they got him, but he has scars all over his head and trembles like a leaf whenever anyone picks up a gun or golf club within 50 feet of him. What this tell me about what some asshole did to a boxer puppy makes me wish I had an eight-digit grid for said asshole.

This next guy is a Gift Gone Wrong who was returned to the giver and eventually found his way into the pack of another of Mom's friends.

This is Chance, and he's a very good Bad Dog. As are ALL of the pack of Reject Losers listed above.

There's nothing wrong with buying the dog you're looking for - especially if you know exactly what sort of dog you want. But if you're game to put in the extra work with a Rescue Dog, or gamble on a mutt like Chance or a Shelter Mystery like Casey or a his-people-just-don't-like-him Special like Sparky, you can not only get a fabulous Bad Dog, but you can give a second chance to a dog who just happened to end up in the wrong pack on its first try.