20 June 2009

The Adventure Continues

Quite some time ago, after much discussion, the Mister and I decided to part ways after this deployment. No hard feelings, etc etc.

This was a personal decision, and is not, directly, the subject of this post.

However, although we're not done here yet, the end is in sight. I'm starting to do some post-Iraq planning, which involves post-Texas planning. You, the American Taxpayer, are a generous sort and, what with a nice little program we call PDRMA, I will not be broke or unemployed immediately upon my return.

Unfortunately, almost all the employment prospects I'm finding are...well, civilized. You know - decently-paid positions leveraging my PAO background to represent some worthy agency or organization.

Which is fine. Great. I'm not turning up my nose, so the Gods of Employment shouldn't be offended.

There are also some Army opportunities, which is slightly-less-than-appealing, but still...it's there, which is good.

But...you'll never know if you don't ask, so...

If any of you happen to live someplace in the southeast, and happen to know of any vacancies at...oh, I dunno...beachfront bait shops, campgrounds, that sort of thing...the sort of work that might appeal to a mildly grumpy thirty-something woman with a big black dog...you could shoot me an email. I'm not saddled with a tremendous amount of debt, so - if you know someone who wants to pay minimum wage to a marina caretaker...

I can also spread gravel.

17 June 2009

[hack!] frickin' lovely

Dust storms by themselves are pretty awesome, let me tell you. Fine powder, oozing under the door and around windows. But tonight, we're extra lucky, because we're having dust and pretty impressive wind.

Now, keep in mind this entire FOB is covered in camo nets, tarps and cobbled together cheap-nail-and-plywood construction projects. So in addition to being pretty much country dark out there, we now have obstacles lying around.

I just made my way to my trusty porta-jon, where the dust had worked its unique magic. I could have written my name on the toilet seat, so thick was the dust. Considering the level of GI distress and the traffic that brings to the green closets, that's a pretty clear statement about the volume of dust.

And no - I did NOT write my name on the toilet seat. Ick.

15 June 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

31 years ago today, Mom and Dad peered into my little, howling red face, glanced at each other and decided to have dogs from there on out.

And what fun activity did I engage in today?

Why, I went to the GYM! Which is, oddly, slightly less buring-in-hell hot than trotting around the perimeter of the FOB, stumbling over loose gravel.

And this evening we'll celebrate with meat. Could be be worse.

14 June 2009

I am NOT coming here on a vacation

We made it back home after the great Customs Adventure, and have fallen right back into the same do ten minutes of paperwork then stare at the calendar routine.

The only break in the monotony came when, looking down to lace up my running shoes, I spied something moving on my sock. I grabbed, killed and examined. When I found two similar wee little beasties later the same day, it was confirmed.

Your Author has fleas.


Seriously, is there anything not to hate about this place? I just triumphed over the sandflies (using a mosquito net that creates a really adorable "princess canopy" effect over my rack), and now I have fleas.

Fortunately, the Bossman had some sort of liquid insecticide in a spray bottle, and after three treatments of my floor and what I expect is the true culprit - my blue rug - I have now been flea free for 24 hours.