20 June 2009

The Adventure Continues

Quite some time ago, after much discussion, the Mister and I decided to part ways after this deployment. No hard feelings, etc etc.

This was a personal decision, and is not, directly, the subject of this post.

However, although we're not done here yet, the end is in sight. I'm starting to do some post-Iraq planning, which involves post-Texas planning. You, the American Taxpayer, are a generous sort and, what with a nice little program we call PDRMA, I will not be broke or unemployed immediately upon my return.

Unfortunately, almost all the employment prospects I'm finding are...well, civilized. You know - decently-paid positions leveraging my PAO background to represent some worthy agency or organization.

Which is fine. Great. I'm not turning up my nose, so the Gods of Employment shouldn't be offended.

There are also some Army opportunities, which is slightly-less-than-appealing, but still...it's there, which is good.

But...you'll never know if you don't ask, so...

If any of you happen to live someplace in the southeast, and happen to know of any vacancies at...oh, I dunno...beachfront bait shops, campgrounds, that sort of thing...the sort of work that might appeal to a mildly grumpy thirty-something woman with a big black dog...you could shoot me an email. I'm not saddled with a tremendous amount of debt, so - if you know someone who wants to pay minimum wage to a marina caretaker...

I can also spread gravel.