28 January 2010

And I'm off

Headed for the mid-Atlantic.  Yesterday's move was one of those things that reminds that there are some things in life I either need to start paying other people to do, or allow more time for.  I returned the UHAUL at 1700 (90 minutes before deadline), but I was (and remain) whupped.

Oh well, 900 miles to go with nothing to do except take motrin. 

27 January 2010


I know I am a winner because I managed to single-handedly wrestle a queen sized mattress and box spring into the back of a UHAUL.  Now, if I can get the ratbastardsunuvabitch desk in there, I'm going to floating on such a cloud of awesome that I might just buy a lottery ticket.

UPDATE: The desk wasn't bad.  Taking the two pieces of the recliner apart?  That was bad.

25 January 2010


Fort Bragg to Georgia...8 hours on the windy road in a vehicle that's like driving a frickin' kite.

Tomorrow I re-pack all my earthly possesions, setting aside a couple duffles of stuff to throw in the Jeep.  Wednesday I pick up a UHAUL vehicle, put everything not in the Jeep into that, and empty it out at a storage unit.  Then I return the UHAUL and go crash at Cousin R's place.

Thursday morning I get back in my trusty Jeep and head north to the military installation where I'll be working.  And, folks, about the only nice thing I can say about that place (and it's one the joys of which I've shared with you in the past) is that at least I won't be unemployed.

Well, that and I'm going to work there, not use it as a jumping off point for the Middle East.