16 April 2009

I am

drinking a LOT of cold beer. And eating yummy food.

Further posting when leave runs out.

14 April 2009

Additional Travel Observation

If you back up to your hotel room and offload a Bugout Bag, Pelican laptop case, six-pack of beer and a yorkshire terrier, then return to the vehicle with the yorkie and pull out a gun case that fits a Mossberg 500 and carry that into your room as well...

You can't really act surprised that the guys at the other end of the hotel with the motorcycle trailers seem to be taking an abnormal interest in your moving-in process. Not a creepy vibe, just...intrigued.

On the road again (again)

Anyone who may have had a close call today in northern Indiana with a tan Wrangler sporting a semi-scraped McCain 2008 bumpersticker...sorry about that.

It's a long drive from Michigan to Texas, so I let my little buddy drive while I caught a quick catnap (pardon the term).

I took back over when we crossed through Indianapolis, of course, as he's not so strong on shifting.

Tomorrow - look out, northern Arkansas!

12 April 2009

A big Bravo Zulu

to our brothers from the Big Blue Team, who took the field, played smartly and finished off the game with a very nice score of Navy 3, Pirates 0.

We also tip our Bad Dog hat to CAPT Richard Phelps, who it certainly appears behaved himself with honor, dignity and courage.