12 February 2010

Change 397

After some head-scratching and discussion in North Carolina, it was decided I didn't really have to leave after all.  So I drove back up I95, and I've returned to my previous duties (or whatever they're evolving into).

I should get to spend a couple of brisk days this weekend out working on ranges, which will be a nice change from some of the classroom stuff I've been doing.

07 February 2010

Because the party never ends...

I'm packing my trash and loading up the Wrangler again.

The Army finally got around to producing some promotion orders for me - as of 1 January, I became Sergeant First Class Abby.  The downside of that is the vacancy-based promotion system.  I got promoted into a specific slot in a specific unit, and they don't seem too keen on letting me stay in the job I'm in.  So...I'm off to outprocess in North Carolina, and then go meet the new outfit.

Sigh.  Just when you think you've got a job and a place to offload your stuff.

As a side note - I've had the Wrangler since summer of 06.  It didn't get driven for a year (other than little runs just to fire it up) while I was deployed.  Thus far, I have 59,000+ miles on it.  Regular oil changes and tire rotations, and it's running like a clock.  A gas hog and not the most comfortable ride for all the miles I travel, but surprisingly reliable.  In case you're considering one.