12 January 2010

I think I may be becoming the enemy

I've been tap-tap-tapping away since my return to Fort Bragg.  I'm taking an old lesson plan on an enduring subject in our field, and updating it with new and better doctrinal terms and concepts, as well as massaging its companion slideshow into something a little less...bright blue with yellow writing.

I'm hoping that after our little working group gets a couple of them approved, Higher's attention to our output will drift.  Then I can start inserting pictures of Jack into every class.

I can see it it now - Developing Measures of Effectiveness (one of the two most dull classes we've got to deal with; everyone is ignoring this one and I assume it will stay ignored until the day before our deadline):

If the average local dog is currently eating one stick per day, but after your project he's eating three, does that indicate your canine dental outreach program is a success?  Discuss among yourselves.