25 February 2010

A note

After significant experience, I probably wouldn't have recommended New Jersey as a vacation destination in the summer.

At this point, I feel further qualified to disrecommend it in the winter, too.  Although a nice coating of snow manages to make it look clean (which is nice), Aspen it ain't.

The snow we've had has made some things challenging (run a shoot-while-moving pistol range in knee-deep snow?), tonight's wind is downright insulting.

23 February 2010

New career options...

for my Navy sisters!  Looks like the Big Blue Team will be opening submarine billets to women.  Now, I do have to admit that serving on a submarine is one of those things I don't think you could convince me to do with a cattle prod and a suitcase full of unmarked twenties...but to each their own.

It takes a special kind of strange individual to find the Silent Service appealing, but I'm pleased to hear that women who are qualified and inclined to do those jobs will have the opportunity.