05 January 2007

You might be an old NCO if...

you're cleaning out your closet and decide to throw away several of the many pairs of combat boots.

But FIRST, you remove the laces and tuck them away in the "gear bin," just in case.

Because, you know, it's so hard to find boot laces here in the USA.

02 January 2007

Favorite quote from Christmas

Just for any of you out there who don't know me, I am NOT the Queen of Fashion. Not even close. However, having the Bad Pups around this Christmas forced me to ennunciate something that I think we can ALL agree is a Basic Rule of Fashion.

"If you wore it squirrel hunting this morning, it is NOT acceptable for Christmas Eve!"

Keeping that one basic rule in mind will probably stand us all well in the long run.

Random cool shit

So all the Bad Dog Faithful out there know I have a little...thing for firearms. Most of you also know I have a thing for cool containers and kits. I own an Otter Box, for god's sake. And a Pelican case.

Recently I've noticed an incredibly cool trend of firearms coming from the manufacturers as part of a "kit." This trend seems to include cool packaging. I first ran across this from Smith and Wesson...

How cool is THAT??? Now, to be reasonable, I cannot imagine EVER buying a S&W 500 - it's an insane firearm for anything other than big game hunting - and I can't imagine why ANYONE would buy one with a 2.75-inch barrel. Ouch. Further, after some reading about bear attacks, I'm not really convinced I'm going to shoot my way out of the jaws of a grizzly. However, if you're paranoid, or wealthy enough to spend $1,399 on something that amuses you, well, then, this is IT.

Then today I found THIS, from Mossberg...

Again - wouldn't buy one. 12 gauge shotguns aren't my thing.
Pistol grip shotguns are also not my thing. But for the truly paranoid, this ROCKS. The blued version comes in the OD tube and includes a "Survival in Can" kit. The stainless one comes with sort of folding knife/mulitool in a velcro pouch. I assume the tubes float. I don't see a price on this puppy, but I'd guess at an MSRP around $699.

This trend is fabulous. One of my biggest gripes when I buy a new pistol is the lack of cool packaging. Just a crappy little plastic box with a gun-shaped cutout. I'd get better boxes if I bought cigars. It's a little disappointing when you spend hundreds of bucks on a new toy to not even get a cool Pelican-style case. Maybe it's coming...

31 December 2006

Home again...

much to our chagrin, the Bad Dogs and I have returned to Tampa (we brought Mr. Abby home, too). A wonderful Christmas up north.

Tampa is, of course, hot and damp and generally foul. More to follow, but it's New Year's Eve and I have beer to drink.