23 October 2009


As a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, I place significant value on conserving resources whenever possible.  Water, in particular, is easy to waste.  Especially when hand-washing dishes. 

Fortunately, it's also pretty easy to cut down on the amount of water required to wash dishes by using an effective and organic pre-rinse system.

There ya go, team - Auntie Abby's tip on how you can do your part to save the planet.  Be sure to tune in for next week when we address Saving on Heating Expenses By Insulating With Dog Hair.

Wild and crazy - that's us

A job has come along, but it doesn't start for me for about a month, so Jack and I are just killing time.  I'd be totally content to just nap, but my sidekick demands regular activities.

We have established a routine.  I run every other day, and on those days he gets a neighborhood walk.  When there's no running, I take him somewhere. 

Yesterday I forgot a poop bag and had to return to the house.  This earned me dirty looks.  Once we hit the park, we troop around and look for squirrels.  This town has a fabulous population of energetic little gray squirrels, and in Jack's opinion they all need to be chased.

Mostly, he has to just look.  But sometimes - once in a while - when we're in corners of the park without cars and where there are no other dogs...I take his leash off and tell him to get it.  Yesterday he put the Fear of Dog in three or four of them. 

No squirrels have been harmed...yet.  But hope springs eternal.

18 October 2009

Sunday routine

While staying with Cousin R, we got in the habit of doing a chicks-and-dog outing to Flat Rock park on Sundays.  So, this morning she came by and we loaded up Mr. Bouncy and headed out.  The park wasn't crowded and so (don't tell anyone) Jack even got turned loose to chase a couple of squirrels up trees. 

Some clever soul placed a Dunkin' Donuts on our route home, which was too much temptation to resist.

Because even Bad Dogs deserve their very own glazed crullers.

Then we carried on with recliner napping and football watching.  Not a bad way to spend a fall day.

(Blogger has decided to torture me by rotating horizontal photos to vertical when I upload them and
offering me no way to rotate the picture.)