09 February 2008

It was fun

at Army school, but I'm glad to be home. I was promoted while deployed without the school, but successful completion was required if I wanted to keep my rank (which I do).

So off I went. I sat in some classes (which were less-than-exciting). Here's how one of my classmates felt about that.

I felt the same way. After a week of those classes, we trudged out to hang out in tents.

Fortunately, it was not a very long trudge. Then again, if it had been, I probably wouldn't have just dumped everything out of my duffel bag into my rucksack. The tents were pretty average.

The food, however... When I decided to take one for the team and claim the "tuna" MRE, I had no idea that it wouldn't suck.

How about that? Yeah, that's real, brand-name tuna. The mayo was normal, and the tortillas entirely edible. We postulated that perhaps the MRE manufacturers are being forced to consume their products now, which would explain the improvement. We've come a long was since the dreaded "four fingers of death" in my Baby Marine days.

And the cold should pass. Nothing that a few days of real sleep and warmth won't fix.


With a vicious little cold and a giant green bag of filthy laundry.