28 September 2009

We're alive!

I know the smart people say one should post something each day, but we're just not that high speed.

Jack and I made the trip to Georgia with little drama.  Our only issue arose when I tried to pull over in a rest stop for a cat nap.  The dog who had managed to sleep from West Michigan to Birmingham was suddenly wide awake and on guard.  That wouldn't have been bad if, as instructed, he limited his guarding to, say, a ten-foot radius around the vehicle.  But no...everybody within a hundred yards required growling.  We pushed on.

We're staying with Cousin R, who, along with her husband, resides in a nice apartment complex.  Said complex has a pond, .75-mile running trail, and, best of all...a Bark Park.  Given the number of fabulous canine distractions, my sidekick has not had a lot of trouble adjusting to being an apartment dog.