04 April 2009

This means something

but I'm not sure what it is.

I scratched my head over that one for a minute at the local CVS, then shrugged it off and got back to driving around, eating ham sandwiches and hurrying home to beer.

I [heart] leave.

02 April 2009

Note to self

The next time I fly ANYWHERE, I have got to remember some sort of decongestant.  Because, apparently, I am now incapable of getting within 100 yards of a fixed-wing aircraft without developing a massive wad of mucus in my head.  I feel almost as sorry for the poor dude sitting next to me as I do for myself.
Interestingly, did you know that German keyboards (at least some of them) reverse the position of the Y and Z keys?  And hide the question mark?  Who'd'a thunk it?

01 April 2009


And then the Air Force says, "hold on, there IS a plane!" And there
is much scrambling, and much waiting, and....eventually...

One reaches another place to wait.

But this one has a 24-hour coffee place.

Head, Wall, Repeat

So...our soldier trying to go on leave encountered the great "canceled flight." Poor soldier, filled with rage, is wandering aimlessly around Higher, trying to find another flight, and becoming such a pain in the ass that perhaps Higher will even help find a flight.

I love this job.

31 March 2009


I love the Air Force, but military travel is enough to drive anyone nuts. 'Nuff said.

30 March 2009

Catchup Post!

OK, so here we are at Big Base, because someone is getting ready to go on mid-tour R&R leave. In the name of operational sercurity, I won't say who, but the individual in question is abso-freakin'-lutely ready to get out of this country for a little bit.

Hooah, cold beer.

Anyway. A couple of you asked for followup to the earlier post about SGT B's trip to get meat. He won, and upon his return, SGT C (who does not eat pork) left the FOB for a few days. So SGT B and I did the only thing we could do - Pork Fest 09!

My Mom (who rocks), had sent some marinade-in-a-packet with hickory flavoring. So we made up a dry rub.

Then, we recalled, some people often roast, simmer or boil their ribs before putting them on the grill. We had only one pan, but sometimes one has to make do.

They got a wee little simmer while I attended a meeting. When I returned, they were ready for the sauce. Then a quick toss onto the grill, and...

Oh, yes. Hooah, ribs.