03 January 2009


Dear World's Coolest Grandmother,

Thank you for the all the dried fruits you sent when I asked for them. It really adds something to my limited crummy Army diet. I am enjoying them very much.


Note to Self -

Even though the prunes (now called dried plums) are very yummy, eating half a large bag of them is a Very Bad Idea. Don't do that anymore.

01 January 2009

Oh boy [hack hack]...it's 2009

[blinks away dust]


Here's hoping y'all are enjoying a day on the couch, recovering from much fun and watching football. Of course, I understand that Bad Dog readers are much too wise to get wild and crazy on New Year's Eve...but if you did, I hope you had one for those of us who were wishing we could!

28 December 2008

Weirdest Catch Yet

I woke this morning as my roommate came trooping back in from a trip to the porta-jon.

I don't want to make you sad, she said. But you caught something in a trap. Not a mouse. And it was the trap up on sandbags, so it's on your chair.

MMph? I pulled my head from beneath my pillow. Did I catch a cat?

Nope. Bird, she replied.

I got up, put on a jacket, went outside.

Yep. That's a bird. In a mousetrap. You don't see that every day.