10 June 2009

The beginning

of the end has, it seems, arrived.

We're all up at the Big Base, since we loaded out our big shipping boxes this morning for redeployment. No - we're not actually close to redeploying yet, but it seems as though the boxes will be handcarried by gnomes from Iraq to the US, so it's going to take a while.

All the stuff we no longer need and are allowed to be without, we stuff into Contico boxes and duffles, and load into the containers. Before we can load them, of course, we must be subjected to the Customs inspection.

We had a very nice MP sergeant first class come out and explain all the things we are not allowed to take back with us (camel saddles, human skulls, and livestock semen were particularly intriguing items on that list). We emptied out our boxes for inspection. Before the oh-so-human and thus oh-so-prone-to-overlooking-things inspector, the contents were perused by...Capka the Customs Dog.

What a good dog, huh? And a pretty cake job for an MWD, too. She comes out, gets introduced, then sits in an air-conditioned SUV until it's time to sniff some piles of soldier crap. Then it's back into the SUV while the next group drags their stuff out.

However, as a note for all involved, perhaps we should try to remember that even high-speed badass uber-ninja military working dogs require the occasional bathroom break.

Otherwise, the customs tarp gets peed on.

It really was a reflection on the degree to which we're all a bunch of dog people when, from our required position off the customs tarp, half the company shouted to the handler that a little dog pee was, in fact, ok, then dispatched the specialist whose stuff had been narrowly missed to get some paper towels and take care of the puddle.

And, finally, just in case you ever wonder what we do with extra care package stuff...we save it for the next deployment .

Hooah, emergency Chapstick!