08 September 2007


I think I just painted my kitchen orange.

I don't mean kinda-orange. I mean orange.

Not sure what I think about that. My high school colors were black and orange (go Trojans!), and after four years of perpetual Halloween, I've been fairly burned out on the color ever since.

This kitchen is going to take some thinking about. Either it's going to grow on me, or it's going to be gone.

06 September 2007

Catching up

Just a short collection of snaps from the past few days, for those who might be interested. Wild and crazy night of priming the kitchen. Fortunately, the primer looks like ass, so we'll probably move on to actual paint at a slightly less glacial pace than the one we've taken so far on this project.

First off, a picture of my grandmother, with her favorite Bad Dog.

She took Sparky in when I was downrange and Mr. Abby was out of pocket for a few months. I seriously wondered if we'd get him back. He was in her lap her entire visit. We've lost his airplane carrier, which is probably good, since I think she may have made off with him if it were around.

The downside of Sparky, of course, is his stench. It's a Yorkie thing, I think. So sometimes, he requires bathing. I know we've mentioned this before, but I think this time I got a shot that truly captures how he feels about the bath process.

Isn't that pathetic? You'd think we beat him, and not that moments later, after a brisk towel treatment, he was curled up under the blanket on the bed. In my spot, of course.

And finally, a Bad Dog Product Test that didn't ever really come to fruition.

I've been using MagPul PMags lately - and they are a great piece of gear. I just ordered some more, and was feeling a little envious of all the gun people who were running over them with pickups, dropping them from skyscrapers, etc. So I thought I'd stage a little test of my own called Can A PMag Survive Being a Chew Toy?

Well, to know that, I'd have had to let the dog keep it more than 30 minutes. But the sound of a magazine being dropped on a tile floor roughly every 15 seconds cut that experiment off at the knees.

More tomorrow, perhaps even with some discussion of Osama Bin Laden's entry into the Commemorative Video bidness.

05 September 2007

Words of wisdom

We've got CNN on this morning, and as they talked about the latest Mattel toy lead paint fiasco, my grandmother came up with an idea we should probably all consider.

"I think, if I had a child that age around," she said, "I'd say, just play with the dog - at least we know where he came from."

She might be onto something with that.

04 September 2007

Oh, Larry...

We're not going to dwell on Senator Larry Craig and his...issue. We here at BDC support everyone's right to be just as gay as they might want to be. It's a big lonely world and if you find something to get you through it...who are we to judge?

But if you're one of those "traditional values" Republicans and you get busted looking for love in a public men's room....

Well, then we feel okay about making fun of you.

But Senator Craig announced that he would resign, which is really the only thing to do under the circumstances. Heterosexual rent-a-friends (ala Sen. Vitter)can be overcome. The gay kind on the other hand...not so easy to move past for a Republican politician.

Then he hired Michael Vick's lawyer, which, if you asked us, is...a move that certainly indicates something, even if we're not sure what that something is. We'd tend to consider it the move of a shifty weasel, not an utterly innocent man.

Then again, I wouldn't think an utterly innocent professional lawmaker would think that pleading guilty to this particular charge would not "suppress a story."

So now the good Senator is apparently hedging? Perhaps, his people say, he may not resign after all.

Please, Larry. A bit of advice - go away. There is a time when the best thing to do is exit stage left. This, Senator, is one of those times. Take what little dignity you have left and hit the road.

03 September 2007

These weekends...

have been mildly busy. My grandmother is here - which is groovy. I have one of the world's coolest grandmothers - if it weren't for her I'd have never seen Madagascar, or the Galapagos, or wandered around northern England one Sping Break. That's just the direct stuff - her influence is probably responsible for a significant amount of my wanderlust.

So, she's here and hanging out with her is A Good Thing. I'll get some pictures up, and will get back to y'all in a couple of days.