10 January 2008

It's been slow

And there's hasn't been much to say.

I'm still trying to figure out the New Hampshire thing from the other night - was it just me, or was Big Media really bummed when Barack Obama didn't run off into the night with a 20-point win and the Democratic nomination tucked under his arm?

I'm also still trying to get ahead of the untidiness that is Bad Dog Central this week. I'm off to do some dishes before I shower.

07 January 2008

Need some advice

Casey the G. Shep is working up another case of the very dry skin. I'd like to try to prevent the whole itchy/raw/infected situation we wrestled last summer, and I'm thinking I need food supplement. She's already on some OTC joint stuff.

For the skin I'm thinking some sort of cod liver or fish oil. What says the pack?

True Love

Baby, you're so sweet, I could just eat you up...

TYLER, Texas (AP) -- A man killed his girlfriend, then filleted and cooked parts of her body before calling police to tell them what he was doing, authorities said Sunday.

I've been paying attention to the crime in Texas since we've moved here, and mostly it's more brutal, but less creative, than the crime in Florida. This one pretty well covers both bases, being vicious and weird.

Authorities believe Shearer, 21, was abducted from her home Friday night and killed. Her death and mutilation was apparently the beginning of a crime spree that also included McCuin allegedly stabbing the boyfriend of his estranged wife and breaking into a business.

That is one feral SOB.