10 April 2009

Catch-up picture post!

So we got off the airplane in Dallas. You all know how godawful and long that trip is (and if you don't, imagine...well, don't imagine it). Anyway, we got off the plane shortly after 0700, trudged through immigration and customs, walked out, and...people were there. Nice people. People who were simply there to welcome us home.

How cool is that? But as cool as it was, the people were not the coolest thing.

That's Boomer, and Boomer was there just to say hi to Soldiers. Pretty cool, huh?

The only other really interesting thing I saw was decidedly less wholesome, but pretty amusing. Along I-80 going around Chicago, I was sorely tempted to pull over.

Then I realized it was probably some sort of strip club and not a summer camp for grownups. Rats.

06 April 2009


I survived crossing Oklahoma last night, so that leaves me with just...Missouri to Michigan. Ugh.

Have you ever, late at night and desperately in need of gas, on an Oklahoma toll road, pulled off when you see a gas station? Only to encounter one of those "pay with exact coins only" little automated toll things? When you have plenty of folding money, but not two coins to rub together? How would you handle that? I know how I handled that, but I'm always interested in public input.