07 November 2006

Decision '06 - Election Night

Well, I did my patriotic duty for the day this morning and trudged off to the local church to vote. I swear to God - if there's anyone in Florida who can't figure out these electonic voting machines, they are too stupid to live.

Mr. Abby reported what seemed like a very valid issue that HE observed while voting. Apparently a VERY elderly woman was having a hard time "tapping" the right name, as she had VERY shaky hands. A poll worker came to the rescue, provided her with blunt pencil for increased poking accuracy, and all was well.

I'm glued to the TV, watching the returns, because that's the sort of thing I think is fun, because I'm a sick puppy.

It looks as though the Dems are going to take the house, although I don't know they'll take the Senate. I have some very serious concerns about the Democratic Party and national security, but I'll go on about those at some other point. Honestly, the things I view positively about the Republican party are things they haven't managed to accomplish while holding both houses and the presidency, so I'm not too sad to see them lose a house.

If the democrats take the House, they're not going to be able to singlehandedly surrender DC to the first group of grubby foreigners to shoot filthy looks at our country, and I'm not too afraid Nancy Pelosi is going to come to my house and take my guns (unlike some of my more exciteable fellow 2nd Amendment enthusiasts). But, with some moderate Republicans in the Senate, perhaps they'll be able to resist the urge to repeal good environmental law, and stop yammering about this idiotic Protection of Marriage Amendment.