11 November 2006

Bad Dogs (North) checks in on the net

So I have arrived at Bad Dogs (North). The trip was largely uneventful. As you know, the official Bad Dog position on Florida is one of HATE, so I'm pleased to be in the upper Midwest where late November feels like...well, late November.

I'm up here to lend moral support to the Bad Dog Alpha Female (that is, Abby's Mom) during a challenging time, so all is not happy fuzzy joy, but it IS good to be home and good to be able to help out a little.

Of course, life goes on at Bad Dogs (Rear), where Mr. Abby has been cooking large roasts and feeding them to the Bad Dogs because, apparently, dog food is too complicated.

In the absence of my Bad Dogs, I am fussing over Sarge, the resident canine here. Why yes, he WAS named after me.

Can't you see the family resemblence?