07 November 2006

Going Visitin'

I abandoned the Bad Dog Command Post today and took a road trip to meet a member of the Bad Dog Extended Family, who we will refer to as "Auntie M."

Now, Auntie M is one of my Dog Person mentors. When I was a small child, she lived several states away, but would visit periodically. We had a blue heeler named Scruffy. Scruffy pre-dated me by several years, and never failed to remind me of MY place on the household seniority list. Scruffy tolerated my mom and worshipped my dad. But for Scruffy, all paled in comparison to my Aunt.

I remember asking my Mom, "Why does Scruffy sleep on the couch with Auntie M? She won't sleep on my bed!"

"Because dogs love Auntie M, and she loves dogs. She's like...the patron saint of dogs or something."

Well, THAT stuck in my little-kid head. My aunt - a DOG SAINT! Maybe somewhere, in some Dog Meeting Hall, they had little statues of her. Maybe they ALL talked among themselves when she was coming to visit. It boggled the little-kid mind.

Well, now I'm grown-up, and I still think that it's entirely possible that's the case. Auntie M brought Dog Cousin Icky to our lunch - he wasn't feeling well and she wanted to keep an eye on him. She brought gifts for my Bad Dogs.

Casey is wearing the "in" look in South Florida - the do-rag w/ skull-and-crossbones. Isn't she a hoodrat?

Sparky, on the other hand, scored BIG off Auntie M's find of a Marine-Corps themed swatch of fabric, which became a fuzzy cover for his VERY OWN COUCH PILLOW.

Maybe now I can keep MY couch pillow not smelling like Sparky.

So the dogs have gifts from their Patron Saint, and I had a good fabulous road trip.