05 November 2006

Product Endorsement!

This is something different, but we here at Bad Dog Central believe in economic Darwinism. We want good products to survive, and bad products to go away. So...without further ado...we bring the First Ever BDC Product Endorsement!


I picked these up at Target yesterday because we'd finally run out of Rawhide Turds (not the official name - just the substance and shape of our last treat). They are a hit. They're semi-crunchy/chewy, but they're not HARD like little bones - Sparky has no problem wolfing one down. They're small and not crumbly, so they'd make a perfect "pocket treat" or training reward.

They are a little spendy (I think this bag was like $8), but there are plenty in the bag. The bag is ALSO self-sealing. Casey says "buy some today, and then give them to me!"

See? So yummy they're worth braving the scary digital camera! We were GOING to give these Two Tails Wagging, but then I had the opportunity to get additional input from Trixie, our official Pit Bull Next Door (a guest star here at BDC). She's a sweetheart, and regularly scores treats off me.

Okay - so the official verdict is Three Tails Wagging!

Buy Schmackos! They ROCK!