22 October 2006


CNN has finally managed to embed a reporter with a unit from the 10th Mountain Division down in my old Area of Operations. It's kind of funny - "Oh My God! We're in the Triangle of Death!"

What strikes me is the enthusiasm of the troops she's to be with. It reminds me of the enthusiasm of the two units we supported, when they first arrived. I hope the 10th Mountain has better luck. Heads up, guys - Hadjii is watching. Just because he's letting you kick brushpiles this week doesn't mean you'll be able to do it next month.

The enemy (or, more accurately, various enemies) in Iraq is an adaptable monkey. If you want to ride around in tracked vehicles, he'll figure that out and work around you. If you want to ride around in wheeled armored vehicles, he'll figure that out, and react accordingly. If you want to dismount and walk, well, he's got a plan for that, too.

The bad guys are not stupid, and we are all served by remembering that.

AN ASIDE - Yeah, I've seen the CNN "sniper footage." As someone who probably ran 150 or so missions as a turret gunner, this video makes my blood run cold. Remember this video - your troops know this can happen at any time and there's very little they can do about it. But they still roll out. Whatever the hell our country is doing with the strategy of this war, our warriors are magnificent.