25 June 2008

Almost there...

We survived the "field" portion of this class. It wasn't particularly arduous. In fact, the ticks were probably the worst part of it, and led to this sign.

Yes, that sign is on the shitter. I can't imagine a tick infestation there, but it can't be a good thing. Two words, ladies and gentlemen: butt ticks. There - now you'll have a nice image to ponder [shudders].

As for me, I didn't encounter a single one the entire time we were out there. Perhaps that's because I don't like ticks, and thus avoided walking through the tall grass.

They gave us a day off today for no apparent reason, and I went to Philadelphia to walk around and see the sights. We went to the National Consitution Center, which was cool. I recommend it. Independence Hall was full for the day, so we settled for a stroll around Washington Square and then returned to our lovely quarters.

48 hours from now I fully intend to be back at Bad Dog Central, enjoying that most wonderful of all luxuries...my own bathroom.