17 August 2008

Adventures in land nav

Actually, it wasn't that exciting. My team lacked a lieutenant or a private, usually the source for great land nav tales. We did learn, however, that when someone needs to crawl though thick brush with a compass, that someone ends up being me - not either of the very large gentlemen on my team.

As land nav courses went, this one lacked the usual fun parts. You know, the point signs that have fallen over, concealed coils of old concertina wire, giant ditches. It did have UXO, though, which always adds a little something.

We've continued with our relentless online-class-taking. We've also added a new activity in which a soldier is given two copies of his or her orders and then, over the course of the next several days, is asked for six or seven. Since we have no copiers, we are trying to figure this one out.