09 August 2008

Every day a holiday,

every meal a feast. Or something like that.

We continue to sweat, and conduct a very small amount of actual training combined with a shocking amount of administrative goatfuckery. This would be more disturbing if it wasn't one of the constant parts of this process.

We have a muckety-muck type of guy on the ground here today, so we're all hiding or looking busy. I, for instance, am doing this entry in the background while completing some online risk management course.

Have I mentioned how much I hate online courses? I think I have.

I sat through a truly asinine class yesterday on a piece of software designed to assist us in cataloging infrastructure assessments. This might have been useful if the software was actually being fielded, but it's not, so it was more like sitting through an eight-hour timeshare sales pitch.

There's been some drama down here as a result of a formal complaint another unit lodged alleging horrible living conditions that subjected them to "grotesque heat." It is hot, but it's not grotesque. The unit in question, however, was moved from our current location to a hotel so that they may sleep in comfort. I won't name them, but I will say that I hope they're not around if I'm ever bleeding in the desert, since they probably wouldn't bring me a pressure dressing if it's above 85 degrees.

There's not much else to add from here. In addition to hiding, I have to go ensure my soldiers are packing their rucks with enough crap to give them a suitably heavy load for our practice ruckmarch this evening.


I can't believe they actually pay me to have this much fun.