02 October 2008


I woke up this morning in my own bed. On the grand scale of nice, with 1 being "okay" and 10 being "super!" it was right around 11.5.

We've got Tango the Licky Hysterical Dog at the house right now. Remember Tango?

I woke around 0230 for a bathroom run. My feet hit the floor before I remembered I was in the land of Licky Hysteria. I hurtled into the bathroom, swatting at dogs, and hurtled back out, leaping from the bathroom door to the bed.

Where I found Sparky had moved onto my pillow in my brief absence.

Of course, all the excitement had led Tango and Jack to start playing, which required snapping, growling, yowling and tag jingling. Whimpering, I poked the Mister in the side.

Do you sleep at all around here?

Now you see, he grumbled, why I drink.

Nonetheless, it's good to be home.