11 January 2009

Good lord

just when you think you're pegging the suck-meter pretty hard...

It was a cold and rainy day. Perfect at home for curling up on the couch with snacks and good company, but perfect here for...well, hating.

A couple minutes after 1700 I wandered over and collected up the Boss. We grabbed Elderly Sergeant and headed over to the chowhall for what we've come to call the Evening Sadness.

We remarked upon the absence of a guard at the entrance to the chowhall. There has been a recent outbreak of vandalism targeting the display of a certain command photo right inside the door (no, no big-picture political commentary - the vandalism has been more...local). The targeted picture was absent, indicating the guard (who was awarded that position...well, let's say not randomly) was probably eating (he takes the framed picture with him when he eats).

We ingested some "beef," then collected our cardboard trays and trudged outside. Where, in the glare from the lights that illuminate the Dumpster, we saw it falling.


Wet, nasty snow that melted as it hit the ground and lasted only a few minutes.

But snow all the same.