06 February 2009

Some days...

aren't even worth getting out of the rack and shuffling to the Green Closet, you know?

First there was the Battle of the MBITR Radios, which we eventually won, but really, it was one of those that wasn't much worth fighting. This radio works in this mount, but neither radio works in the other mount... One of those where nothing can ever just be simple. Duct tape was involved in the solution.

Then there was some indirect fire, or maybe not. Some threat of something, and since we were standing out in the middle of a giant open area, we really had no choice but to take cover and smoke bitterly.

Then there was the E. Coli outbreak.

(incidentally, I cannot ever think of "E. Coli" without thinking of that throat lozenge commercial. Riiiiiicooooooolllllaaaaa!!!!! Worse, probably, is that I say "E. Coli" with that same inflection)

I think I'm going to go to bed. Perhaps when I wake up, it will be a warm, sunny, happy day in Iraq.