19 February 2009

Things Abby Hates

Higher has decided to come visit. Not just the company commander and first sergeant, but the CA battalion commander and CSM.


Our actual battalion headquarters is still in Texas. But we fall under another battalion here, and, for one reason or another, those folks have decided to come down to our little FOB.

We had one of these visits scheduled once before, but through some bit of...umm...horrible, terrible luck, flights were screwed up and our visitors didn't make it in.

Working on the priciple that if we're prepared for them, they won't show, but if we're sleeping late and our spaces are filthy they'll arrive early, the dudes and I cleaned. Ever beat a rug that's been in use in Iraq for a year or so? That's a hoot.

In good news, the Bossman has been out and about for several days, and he's scheduled to ride back here with the visitors. And I believe he's bringing steak. It's like a silver lining. A fat-marbled, bloody-yet-crispy sliver lining.