16 May 2009

Small ray of sunshine

There's been a lot of grumpiness around here of late. We're not getting out much, and are mostly engaged in perpetuating some serious self-licking ice cream cone action.

So there we were in the office this afternoon. SGT C and I were griping. SGT B was on the NIPR, and I asked him to click into my AKO email. He did.

You've got an email from the first sergeant, he sang (with a certain degree of snarky cheer).

Awesome, replied Abby. I love communication from my chain of command. Let's see what wise things they have to say! (Or something very similar to that)

The subject line on the email read MAY JUNIOR BOARD PPRL.

SGT C, sensing my impending ecstasy at receiving email from Higher, edged toward the door as the email popped up.

I'm out, Sergeant..., he began.


No. Don't leave. I need to read this. Stand right there and don't read over my shoulder, I did my best Sergeant growl. SGT C's packet was in front of the board, but they've been rough on him because, between two prior OIF/OEF deployments, a fine young family and a real job, SGT C has not yet gone to college. This has, in the eyes of previous boards, made him a giant, epic tower of FAIL.

The attachment opened....cover letter...[scroll...scroll....]...list of new Sergeants...list of new Staff Sergeants...

Hey! I smacked SGT C on the shoulder. Look!

He leaned. He peered. SGT B leaned and peered.

And there was grinning and backslapping and handshaking and great rejoicing all around. Effective 14 May, SGT C had become SSG C. That's good stuff, and it couldn't happen to a better guy.