07 May 2009

Wild and crazy

I tell you what, there's no bored like bored in Iraq. Well, actually, I bet bored in Afghanistan is pretty similar, as is bored in Kuwait (but that bored lack indirect fire, so maybe it's not the same).

But, the World's Coolest Grandmother used to say that only boring people get bored, so we do our best to resist. I thought I'd bring you a couple of bits of recent things that have passed for diversions.

I was playing with my knife (Benchmade Nimravus tanto - significantly less than MSRP thru AAFES - seriously, less than half. It's a pretty nice knife, but not that nice) when I noted that it had degraded to only sorta sharp enough to shave hair, but that it was reaping an impressive quantity of dry skin.

Bossman yelled at us when we started gathering materials to collect all our dry skin in a baggie to take to Higher, so that was the end of that.

Shortly later, sitting on my porch, we were absolutely enthralled by, well...

Hooah, fly sex.

Is it any wonder we've taken up arts and crafts to kill time?