07 August 2009


Just a little random imagery from around the company compound as we wind down and kill time. There was a big, impressive moon last night.

The creepy tree is almost a member of our unit, we're so used to it. It's not until you take a picture that you realize it really is...disturbing.

Today we did some laundry and sat around.

Yeah. I can actually do the "hadji squat." It's kinda horrifying when I catch myself doing it.

Note the creative use of the red bucket once I finished washing my socks in it. Ice is plentiful here at the Big Base, so we may as well enjoy.

Speaking of enjoying, here's a picture of the World's Happiest Team Sergeant as we were preparing to pull out of FOB McLazy.

I cannot confirm, but there have been reports of an MRAP leaving FOB McLazy with eight extended middle fingers...