28 December 2009

Ah, yes...winter

The last time I was in Michigan with bad roads was...2001, for the World's Snowiest Wedding.  The ex-mister and I actually weren't entirely sure anybody would make it, but thanks to 4-wheel drive, it was a nice event.

But since then...all my visits have been on clear roads.  Until this one.  Also interesting is that I had never driven the Jeep on winter roads.  Fortunately, it handles acceptably with just a little care.  Nonetheless, I've been doing a little white-knuckle driving, particularly on the back roads.

One of us, however, is madly in love with winter and snow.

There may be time, while we're up here, to introduce him to the fact that in some of those brushpiles, there are rabbits.  And rabbits need to be chased.