02 February 2010

Strange Company

I checked into the Air Force lodge.  Of course, it's nicer in almost every way than the Army verson.  Although a little smaller, the rooms are just a little more...civilized.  Example - the Army has the no-steal type of hotel hangars.  And the ones with trouser clips are lowest bidder - so much so that the clips don't actually hold trousers.  You put them on, and they fall down.

The Air Force provides normal hangars, and the trouser clips work.  A little thing, but much appreciated.

Also, I haven't found any dead bugs in this room yet.

However...apparently the Air Force somehow knew I was suffering from not having my dog around.  Feeling like the spaces I've been occupying are kinda cold, and a little lonely.  So they did the best they could, and provided me with the World's Most Interactive Refrigerator.

It's a basic dorm-size fridge, pretty standard in hotels/motels.  But it burbles and hums and gurgles.  Sometimes it's quiet, but mostly it's like having a perky little pan of water bubbling away on the stove.

It might be pathetic, but I kinda like it.  I think I may even name it.