14 July 2010

Getting eddicated agin

So the leadership sez to me, a couple months back, Abby - we've got an ANCOC (advanced non-commissioned officer's course) seat available, and you're first in line for it.

And I sez to the leadership, I'm not eligible for promotion again for another year and half, I don't really need to go right now, and I have a lot to do, and-

And sez the leadership, shut up and get thee to ANCOC.

So, because I am an obediant sort, if a little bit contrary, I find myself enrolled in the course.  Sigh.  They're right - one's professional education must be a priority.  And, although I'm just barely into it, the course actually seems pretty interesting.  Plenty of theory, not so much memorize-and-regurgitate.  Clever and engaging instructor, bright and interested students.

We shall see.  Fascinating tidbits from today include the fact that the biosphere contains muskrats, and pestilence sucks.