26 September 2006


So I made the call last night to put off my Spanish class until tomorrow and get a much-needed sleep-in.

Mr. Abby's alarm went off and he got up at 0630-ish. [smooch] "Have a good day, babe" [Abby rolls over and goes back to sleep.] Mmmm...pillow.

This is the point where Mr. Abby ventured out into the kitchen.



"Your dog shit all over the floor."

After just a second of hoping that if I stayed in bed, he'd let me sleep and deal with it himself, I got up and we had Quality Couple Time cleaning up explosive dog poo from the kitchen.

And I do mean explosive. As in wrap-a-rag-around-your-face-and-dive-in-with-paper-towel-and-bleach explosive.

I didn't take any "before" pics, because that would have been disgusting. But I did take a pic during the "airing out" phase. And Casey is out in the yard with some water. And I'm awake. Grumble....