03 October 2006

Day off

yesterday. Well, not really, but it turned out that way. I went to the Math Class of Satan and the World's Most Silly Humanities Class. Then Mr. Abby called and said that, because Certain People had taken the day off, he had nothing to do.

So we made a day of it, running exciting errands including Tampa Police Department so he could get fingerprinted. I can never find that building on the first try, and Tampa, like most other big cities, has only one-way streets and less than helpful signs in the downtown area (the aquarium? I don't need to know how to get to the aquarium! How about some DAMN SIGNS pointing me to city services????).

Also had a fun trip to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to replace the registration on his motorcycle. While there, it occured to me that the Jeep needs new registration (this is one of the ways that Florida makes money - you pay to register your vehicle when you buy it, then you re-register it again shortly thereafter. Bastards). So I have to go back to the DMV later today.

Then, just to keep it fun, we went to the range. More on that later.