03 October 2006

Things my Mom taught me (Part II)

Mom pretty much always cooked a real meal for us. I never knew what an undertaking this was until I got a husband. They always want to be fed. And they always want a Real Meal. Most women I know, in the absence of their men, have no problem subsisting on cheese, candy and fruit.

My husband, though, likes Real Meals. And for some reason, he expects me to care. However, I learned how to handle this from Mom (because Dad also likes Real Meals):

Men will eat anything you feed them.

Thus, when Mr. Abby came home at lunch (ever heard the old expression, "for better or for worse, but not for lunch?" - he hasn't), and gave me that pathetic look...I was able to say, "How about some Ramen with eggs? And look - I have SPAM!"

Jesus. I mean, how nasty is THAT??? But he hoovered it right up and was a happy little camper when he went back to work.

Mom was right. They'll eat anything. Mostly because they're just too lazy to rustle up their own food if they can get someone else to do it.