02 January 2008

Busy day

After four days away from work, the whininess level today was high. Swear to God, if I ever work in customer service again after this, it'll be for a medical supply company or something where lives really do depend on the product.

I did get to finish off a fun project - an Army buddy who is one of the most talented people I know is applying to several MBA programs, and I wrote a couple letters of recommendation. I enjoy doing that - I've worked with some good people and helping them try to get where they want to be is gratifying.

The monthly depressing ordeal of wrestling bills was also completed. Good news - electic waaay down, gas only slightly up (let's hear it for keeping the house uncomfortably chilly!). Bad news - still no money for truck-lot ammo purchases.

And best of all...received news that Cousin R and her longtime companion, Mr. Really Great, have decided to make it all official and get hitched.

I was an only child, but I grew up never more than a couple miles from Cousin R, who is exactly four days older than I am. We're close members of an already close family, I love her like I imagine one would love a sister, and the fact that she's delirious with happiness makes me smile.

And, of course, the fact that she and Mr. Really Great are getting hitched means we have another lab in the family! Yep - Dog Cousin Allie is now going to be Canine Family.

She may only be marrying him for his dog, but she's a Very Good Dog, so that's cool.