03 January 2008

So it begins

Well, gang, the actual counting part of Election '08 begins tonight in Iowa.

For some odd reason, after Iowans "caucus," and after...New Hampshirites? New Hamphshirians? New Hamsters? vote, several of the candidates will be judged "unelectable," and the rest of the nation will be offered a steadily dwindling slate of choices.

I cannot stand the primary system, can you tell?

Anyway, I'm a giant geek this way, so I'll be looking forward to watching the news this evening, which should be beyond hysterical in its coverage of what 36 people in a church basement outside of Waterloo think.

I don't know if we've got any Iowans who hang out here, but if so, please understand that I don't have anything against you - it just doesn't seem like a logical setup to me. But if you are an Iowan, particularly one who does this whole caucus thing, I'd love it if you dropped a comment to tell us a little about it.

I am grumpy, but intrigued.