15 January 2008


Seriously, isn't he just the Republican Party's answer to John Edwards? Great hair, nice smile, etc?

I get the appeal of most of these candidates, I think. Wouldn't vote for most of them if you jabbed me in eye with a sharp stick, but I like to think I understand how they might seem wonderful to a certain demographic.

But Mitt? In Michigan?

'If I am president, I will not rest until Michigan is back. Michigan can once again lead the world's automotive industry,' said Romney, 59, the former governor of Massachusetts who left Michigan decades ago for college. [emphasis added]

Apparently, he's going to singlehandedly bring back the good old days of the good wages and guaranteed job at the GM plant.

I love my home state, and the pages and pages of foreclosure notices in my county's weekly papers are heartbreaking, but that line is a load of crap. Those good old days are gone.

I have no idea how to fix the one-state recession that's been going on in Michigan for years, but I'm offended that this yahoo wandered around up there promising everything but a pony under the Christmas tree (and if this primary had happened three weeks ago, he'd probably have done that). Michigan's got real problems, not pass-through-and-smile-and-say-nice-things-at-the-carshow problems.

I'm going to chalk his win up as a hysterical show of hometown pride. Romney was born in Michigan, and the only president ever to come out of the state was actually never even on a national ticket, so we'll call it sentiment.

Also a pity that Michigan didn't get to hold a real Democratic primary. A big smack in the head with an ax handle to the DNC for that. Michigan's primaries are reasonably open and a full and open set of same-day primaries could have provided good information.