16 January 2008

Shameless Plug

Ladies and gentlemen...I have for you forbidden fruit. I have for you...something the San Francisco Film Commission would rather you not see.

Oh yes - you are intrigued, aren't you?

I won't hold out, I'll share this forbidden video with you. But first I recommend you gather your high-school age friends, children and associates around the screen.

Ha! Got 'em! Now that they've seen the super-groovy new Marine Corps commercial, there's no hope. Tomorrow they'll be at the recruiting station and in just a few short months they'll be referring to the bathroom as "the head" and opening the fridge to hunt for "chow."

It's actually a pretty nice spot. The Mister and I have gone back and forth to figure out what we think about the use of the Silent Drill Platoon for this spot - are they they stars? Shouldn't the Marine Corps be marketing the guys in the dust?

Then, for work-related reasons, he had to try to dig up the Marines who were in the commercial to find out if any of them were from certain media markets. No fewer than three of the guys in that TV spot are in Iraq now.

So yeah, they're shiny on the pretty TV ad, but they're the real Marine Corps.

Our Devil Dogs tails are wagging.

Edit to add: Oh, yeah. The Silent Drill Platoon is made up of grunts, and nuthin' but grunts. Learn more here.