04 March 2008

Happy Afternoon

here at Bad Dog Central. After the snow that several locals reported last night (I didn't see it, but a total of more than 20 years in Michigan and Minnesota have kinda left me less-than-inclined to stand outside peering up at sky in search of flakes), it ended up right around 60 this afternoon.

So Jack and I had a nice run of a little more than three miles. He was even reasonably well behaved.

I got back and Casey was irate. She pointed out that, as Seniro Dog, she was rightfully entitled to priority in all outings and activities, even though she doesn't do runs anymore.

Conceding the point, I realized that we have politics on TV this evening, and that I was low on beer. And the convenience store is probably not even quite a half-mile away.

So if you were driving home this evening, and if you saw a woman with a rapturously happy elderly German Shepherd and a 12-pack of Corona walking briskly along a major road...well, that was us.