06 March 2008

The Pink Shit

Y'all northerners know what I'm talking about. The weather guy on the local TV station pulls up the big satellite map and indicates a "blob" of weather. If you have white stuff, or gray stuff, you're getting snow. Green stuff is usually rain.

Problem is, there are possibilities between rain and snow.

I shall give an example. I can call my Mom and ask about the weather in West Michigan, and she may reply, "We've got one of those blobs coming across the lake. It's supposed to rain in Battle Creek, snow in Newaygo, and we're going to get the pink shit."

Freezing rain, sleet, what the weather guy euphemistically calls "wintry mix." Whatever. It's the pink shit, and it's annoying.

And this morning, for some odd reason, it's in Texas.

Ick. I think I shall do laundry and clean the kitchen and refuse to acknowledge there's a world out there.