19 May 2008


and, at the same time, pathetic. In the wake of a very nice weekend, I thought it probably wouldn't kill me to clean up around the house today.

Since we have a G. Shepherd, there are always doghair tumbleweeds rolling across the horizon here at BDC. Our last decent vacuum gave up the ghost a few months back, so we had a trainwreck fling with a Bissell FlipIt (which may work well for something, but sure didn't for anything we tried with it).

After that, we gave up on the fancy-schmancy floor-sucking machines and decided to combat the dog hair Redneck-style.

A-yup. That's right. We clean the house with an off-brand ShopVac. It's the cat's ass on the tile. The only drawback is the short cord.

So today I whack the kitchen, the master bath, and most of the floor. Also several loads of laundry and dishes. I am totally a domestic goddess.