24 May 2008

What do we have HERE?

The Mister is off at the airport, trying to find his children who, it appears, were diverted to some other city in Texas when their plane developed some sort of issue.

You know, about seven years ago we had them, and they were scheduled to fly home on Sept 11. Needless to say, that didn't happen. Their luck with flights hasn't improved much.

Anyway. I trudged out to get the mail.

Standing in front of the mailbox, I conducted inventory. Box from World's Coolest Grandmother - yipee! Little package with a used paperback I ordered online - woohoo! Flyer from gas company.... Hey...what's this?

Jury Summons

For me!

I mailed in my voter registration like ten days ago, and do not yet in fact have a voter registration card. They don't waste much time.

But I am all excited. I've never had jury duty. I love things I've never done before.

It's next month, and there's about a 50/50 chance the Army will have me somewhere doing something, but I'd like to go do the jury gig. I think I would be a fabulous juror.